About VICC/AsphaltGuy.com - Serving Central Illinois

VICC/AsphaltGuy.com is a local asphalt paving, repair and concrete pavement, construction and maintenance contractor serving the central Illinois region from its home office in Jacksonville, Illinois.

The various projects completed for clients have ranged from small crack repair, pavement patching to large asphalt paving for shopping center parking areas and heavy duty industrial material storage and handling pads.
Pavement Marking - Paving Company in Jacksonville, IL
VICC/AsphaltGuy.com works in concert with its customers to build pavement surfaces that feature "designed in" durability for extended service life, value in cost per year performance and attractive, smooth finished pavement appearance. Our attention to detail makes for a successful pavement project that fits both the customer's use level and enhances property appearance.

Building on our combined over 40 years of industry experience, VICC can provide pavement solutions to site problems in a sound, straight-forward approach that utilizes basic construction fundamentals and the latest proven paving materials and techniques.

Family owned since 1946. Providing local, personal service. We personally meet with you to properly address your needs. The company owner stands behind all materials and workmanship.
Call the "Asphalt Guy", David Freesen, to put your project on the high road to success.

Vision/Mission Statement

By helping our customers' every day, by providing thorough proposals, building strong, substantial pavements and repairs, and working safely, which gives long life-cycles equaling the industry leading best value.