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VICC/ works in concert with its customers to build pavement surfaces that feature "designed in" durability for extended service life, value in cost per year performance and attractive, smooth finished pavement appearance. Our attention to detail makes for successful pavement projects that fit both the customer's use level and enhance property appearance.

Asphalt Paving and Repair:

Smooth, attractive, economical black asphalt pavement enhances the appearance of any property- residential, commercial, or industrial.

Designed to carry the traffic of your facility (pedestrian to traffic-trailer), Asphalt Pavement is a smart choice for new construction and rehabilitation of older pavements to keep you moving for years.

Concrete Paving and Repair:

Strong, durable, rigid are qualities concrete pavements deliver day after day, year after year. From driveways to tractor-trailer duty, a new or retro-fit pavement built with the right base preparation, concrete mixture and thickness yields years and years of service life.

Addressing the causes of a concrete pavement's failure tells us the best repair to recommend to our customers. VICC works to build repair solutions for trouble spots- we want the repair to outlast the surrounding pavement.

Asphalt and Chip Surfacing:

When an alternative to asphalt or concrete pavement or maybe upgrade of a rock area to create an all-weather surface, asphalt and chip surfacing can be an economical and long lasting choice.

Asphalt and chip surface treatments are constructed using liquid asphalt as an adhesive and rock chips as a partially embedded stone wear surface. One, two or three layers or applications can be installed creating a built-up driving surface. They are flexible and versatile in maintaining worn cracked pavements as well.

The Asphalt and Chip is known in various regions by other names such as: oil and chip, tar and chip, chip sealing and so on.

Rock and Cold-Millings Materials:

Commonly roadways and parking areas need to be able to be traveled in wet weather as well as dry. Additionally, the traffic over soil tends to sink into wheel paths - this is where rock layers keep things moving, up and out of the mud.

VICC builds roads, parking areas, and driveways with rock materials to support traffic in wet weather as well as a foundation for either asphalt, concrete or even asphalt and chip surfacing.

In some applications cold-millings (ground up, recycled asphalt pavement- RAP) are used for a top layer of a rock stabilized area. Traffic and summer heat can create a durable wear surface over time with this alternative environmentally friendly material.

Crack Repair:

All pavement develops cracks over time and due to a variety of reasons. Many of these cracks can be repaired through the use of today's sealant materials to limit the continued entry of water into the pavement (which leads to accelerated deterioration).

VICC has over three decades of experience in evaluation and repair of cracking pavements. Check with us to learn which method and sealant will provide extra pavement life for your location.

Premium Brewer Eclipse Sealcoating:

The asphalt pavement surface will be cleaned to remove loose materials, dirt, debris and vegetation. Any oil and grease spots will be coated with Pro-Bond primer to promote adhesion in these trouble spots.

Preparation is followed by two (2) coats of Eclipse high performance petroleum resin emulsion pavement sealer (no coal-tar). Eclipse's 52% solids exceeds the physical properties requirements described in Federal Specifications and ASTM D5727.

More solids = More coating = Guaranteed long lasting protection. Eclipse provides significantly better resistance to oils, grease and gasoline than asphalt based sealers as well as protecting asphalt pavements from water, de-icing and the sun's harsh UV oxidation effects. Please make plans to park in an alternate location while sealcoating dries overnight. (Options for both one and two coat applications are available.)

Pavement Markings and Signage:

Parking areas and roadways benefit from organized parking patterns and traffic flow. Through the thoughtful use of markings and signs for safe and efficient use of pavement space is accomplished.

Attention to local, state and federal codes and regulations is a priority for VICC in assisting any business.

Project Design and Management:

VICC has over three decades of construction experience to make your project a success. Our representatives will be happy to meet with you to build the plan, the pavement, the maintenance schedule and long term relationship needed to see your pavement and property improvements serve you for years and years.

VICC/ is a local commercial asphalt paving, repair and concrete pavement, construction and maintenance contractor - Serving the Central Illinois region from its home office in Jacksonville, Illinois.