You Can Do A Lot of Maintenance on Your Driveway Yourself


Many homes have asphalt driveways. We get questioned all the time as to when routine maintenance should be done. Effective maintenance can be done by the owner long before needing professional care.

Asphalt needs air and sunlight to stay dry. Trees should be removed back far enough so sunlight shines on the driveway for most of the day. Removing trees will allow air to circulate over the driveway to also help keep the surface dry.

In order to avoid cracks from forming prematurely, remove snow completely from the pavement surface so freezing stays even under the surface.

If gas or oil has been spilled on your asphalt surface clean it up as soon as possible by using soap and water.  It is a good idea to make sure the grass stays below the surface of the asphalt in order for the water to run off easily.  Keep your asphalt clean by keeping grass clippings and dirt off of the surface.

Consider safely maintaining your driveway with professional applied Eclipse pavement sealer by VICC/ to safely protect new and aging asphalt driveways. Sealcoating protects asphalt by creating a barrier to oil/gasoline, moisture holding dirt and debris. Snow can’t get a deep grip on sealcoated driveway pavements.

If you keep your driveway clean and dry, you may not need professional help for a few years. When cracking does start appearing, call VICC/ to come out for a free cost benefit analyses.  We are here to help with all asphalt needs.